Multimedia Big Data Management Processing And Analysis

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VII. MULTIMEDIA BIG DATA MANAGEMENT PROCESSING AND ANALYSIS After categorizing multimedia big data, the next important phase in the data management cycle is its processing and analysis. So far, the possible types, sources and perspectives of multimedia big data have been highlighted; but this is only the first of the necessary stages in big data management. Generally, the stages involved in big data processing and analysis include data acquisition, data extraction, data representation, modeling, analysis and interpretation [21]. These stages are illustrated in Figure 5 and are explained briefly also. Fig. 5. Steps in Big Data Processing (Source: [22]) A. Acquisition and Recording This is the first step in the data processing cycle. It is mostly concerned with the sources of big data and techniques required to capture the data. As it has been discussed in prior parts of this paper, big data can originate from multiple sources and therefore requires an intelligent process to acquire and store this raw data. Another relevant aspect of this phase is metadata generation and acquisition. This acquisition of the right metadata enables for a description of the recorded data and how exactly it is being measured. B. Information Extraction and Cleaning In some cases, the information gotten from various sources may not be ready for analysis. Such data usually contains images, audio, or in some cases they are gotten from environmental sensors such as surveillance cameras.
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