Data Science : Big Data, Challenges, And Characteristics

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Big data is defined as “large data sets or to systems and solutions developed to manage such large accumulations of data, as well as for the branch of computing devoted to this development.” (“Big Data”) This definition of big data was not added to the dictionary until 2014. The next big thing in business analytics is a relatively new, yet, explosive business practice known as data mining: the collection and analysis of big data. (Fayyad) These large, seemingly random, sets of data are condensed and analyzed for patterns and trends by people with a very broad set of skills. These people are known as data scientists and are considered unicorns in today’s job market. Data science is one of the most advantageous career paths one could take …show more content…

(Harris,Eitel-Porter) In addition to this lack of quality data science programs, there are also very few people who have the ability to think both mathematically/computationally and look creatively at the bigger picture. For these reasons, the job of a data scientist is usually fulfilled by a team of people.
Over the past ten years, careers in STEM fields have become increasingly popular. Technology is a field that is constantly progressing and throughout the last decade, the number of available positions for computer science and data analysis majors have grown exponentially. Though an employee with either of these degrees is in demand, this skill set is not enough to make an employee stand out. When a company wants to improve their product or service, they might look to a team that can analyze user feedback and compile findings to make suggestions for improvement. This team often consists of degrees in statistics, marketing, and data analytics working with computer scientists. Together, this team can analyze feedback/data and summarize the issues a company should focus on. Alone, however, these degrees can each only do one piece of the job.

There is a model that speculates that most people think in two different ways. This model is called the two-domain thinking model. The way people think separates them into two groups; finders and

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