Multitasking: Good Or Bad?

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Your on your laptop writing a essay and studying while texting your friends, the next day you have a big test, since you were multitasking you failed the test. The effects of multitasking can be good or bad. They are bad. Multitasking is 2 or more things you do at once. Multitasking can’t be done effectively by teens or kids,one reason, teens and kids who multitask can make it hard to focus on the things, reason two kids could get stressed and have a lot of weight on their shoulders,reason three they may just give up and not even try and fail, the final reason is they could do it fail and then never try again. The first reason multitasking can not be done effectively by kids and teens is, it could make the kid or teen multitasking not focus on the subject. Jordan Grafman, Chief of cognitive neuroscience at the National Institute of Neurological …show more content…

This shows that multitaskers may get more done, but their quality of their learning may suffer. The second reason multitasking can not be done effectively by teens and kids is, it could make the teen/kid feel more stressed and have a bunch of weight on their shoulders. Ellis Y. Daniels, researcher in Higher Education Journal says ‘’The effect of multitasking on the grade performance of students is negative.’’ In that case it's saying some researchers say multitasking can come out as bad results or you could end up giving up. Another reason multitasking can not be

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