Murder Robbery At Indianapolis Area

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Recent report from the Indianapolis star states that a 12-year-old boy was arrested due to his connection of the case that related to the attempted robbery at Indianapolis-area. This case is not a single exception which involves minors criminal, but it stands out among the series of recent juvenile robbery mentioned in the police reports at Indianapolis-area. According to the police, juvenile robbery entangled at least seven cases in a day period of the September 24th. The video and eye witness states that the robbery processed as the suspects enters a store with a note passed that disclose the intention of the robbery and imply the criminal posses lethal firearms. The robbery ends with either the success of the threat or the …show more content…

It depends on the severeness of the delinquency that whether the persecutor is going to charge the minor or not. In a word, the direct consequence of the crime for the minor will not be as severe as the adult, which gives them a psychological comfort when perform delinquency. According to the statistic of the FBI Uniform Crime Report, there is totally 3808 for the numbers of robbery reported in 2014 at the area of Indianapolis. A related article of this report states that the local police receives seven reports of robbery in the a day before the case of the selected report happened, and it is reasonable to conclude that there are more than half thousands of robbery or attempting robbery involves minor suspects, which is a large portion compare to the annual number of the total robbery in the Indianapolis. Therefore, delinquency related to robbery has been a very cruel issue for public security of the Indianapolis. However, there is a very larger number of unreported robbery does not include in the Uniform crime report, and it may gives an alternative conclusion that the degree of minor robbery has been overstated, which defies the assumption we made about the portion of robbery involves minor in the total number of robbery.
Beside the age of the suspects, this case is only a single example among the whole trend of the juvenile robbery, in which more than 130

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