Murky Mating Results

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My hypothesis was that "If the murky pond is the best environment for the wild male, then that environment will have the highest score(for my fish) because the muddy water will give it the ability to survive every season". My hypothesis was not completely supported, therefore making it false. The statements was not completely correct because I did not account for the chance of mating. While I scored a decent amount on that environment, I realized that it was the same score (5) I got in the clear stream environment (the hardest for wild guppies). I only analyzed the way the stats of my guppy were combined with those of the murky environment. I only had to roll a one or higher in order to survive that season. This resulted in me not being able …show more content…

The chances of mating or surviving in real life are usually not in the probability of a die roll. There are so many ways that rolling a die to decide survival and mating of a animal is wrong and inaccurate. If someone cheats or does not roll the die correctly(rolling it from your hand and having it not bouncing on the surface instead landing flat on the table) that could make (depending on the habitat and fish) the probability even more inaccurate. I can guarantee that these chances for mating and survival (that we used in class) are never a constant probability(1/6, 6/6, 2/6 and ECT.) in real life. In order to truly understand the actual probability of survival and mating, actual research must be done. A way to do this is to observe them in a controlled habitat(Fishtank). Put a SAFE ratio of male guppies to female guppies(1-2) in a fish-tank, then mix and match species to record data based on the mating lab you are trying to complete. Testing survival on the other hand, is a lot more complex to collect data on. You cannot test predators or the guppies' hiding ability in a fish tank. The guppies cannot hide forever and are trapped with a predator. The lab must be on a much larger scale.The guppies could be put in a small pond that has some of the hazards any regular guppies would experience. Then check on that pond once or twice a day and see if anything is changed

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