Muscle Movement Research Paper

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Simple movements strengthen the muscles that protect the joints in the legs. These five types of activities you can every day to practice at home.

Joint pain often indicate the beginning of arthrosis, or wear of cartilage, and knees are particularly vulnerable. At every step of the knee depreciated approximately triple body weight.

After only 30 years of age the cartilage gradually begins to be spent. Elastic tissue such as shock absorbers and sliding bearing protects the bones begins to disappear. Fortunately, this problem can not prevent, primarily by changing habits in nutrition and movement, as well as additional exercises you can do at home.

The first rule that you need to make to your daily routine movement. People who are often much
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Drive at a slower speed and avoid the highs. I swim protects the joints, and exercise in the pool. Incorrect position, for example, too high heels, are a burden to the cartilage. Walk barefoot as often as possible, and when you are outdoors, wear flat shoes with soft soles.

Long advancement than sitting with her legs bent at the knees, is a real stress on your knees, because cartilage remains almost completely free of nutrients. Therefore, get up from time to time and make a few steps.

aki muscles strengthen the knee, especially the large front thigh muscle (quadriceps), which adheres to glass and provides support joint tendons. Therefore, every day doing exercises to strengthen leg muscles.

These five simple exercises you can every day to practice at home, and verified to help with the release of acute pain for six days.


Squats strengthen the muscles around the knee and improve their mobility. Stand in the gap and lower into a squat so that your hips pushing back and knees shall be at an angle of 90 degrees. As you descend, simultaneously extend your arms in front of the body. If possible, keep your knees parallel to the
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