Music And Its Importance On The Human Brain

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Andie M. Partida
English IV, 6 Pd.
28 February,2015 Music And Its Importance On The Human Brain Music affects people of all ages developmentally , intellectually and medically as well as it affects their social , personal lives. In other words, music affects the way in which we think , behave and feel. Music tends to have a positive effect on the transfer of learning. For example , learning to play an instrument enhances the ability to remember words through enlargement of the left cranial temporal regions of the brain. A study brought up by the Institute of Education at the University of London shows that musically trained participants remembered 17 percent more verbal information then those without musical training (Hallam 2012). Extensive active engagement with music induces cortical reorganization producing functional changes in how the brain handles information. When this is an occurrence in an early stage of development , usually in children and young adults, it may produce permanent changes in the way information is being processed into the brain. These changes display what exactly has been learned and how it has been learned. According to the article, "Transfer of cognitive learning from one domain to another depends on the similarities between the processes involved, transfer can be near and far and it is stronger and more likely to occur if its near"(Hallam 2012). To continue with this aim, Salamon
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