Music And Music : The Influence Of Music

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Songs are constantly stuck in the mind. Music is all around; whether it be at concerts, in elevators, the car radio, or in movies. Music is adaptive and suits everyone in their own style. Music shows how everyone is unique. Several different factors in life influence what music everyone listens to. Growing up, my father and brother, Jacob, influenced me the most. My dad came home from a two week trip, driving his semi-truck, with music that would change my life. He played the music for me and Jacob and we both fell into it. My dad started to listen to more and more music such as Bullet For My Valentine, Slipknot, and Breaking Benjamin. We were raised on those lyrics and my father taught me to be the person I am today with those songs. My Brother has played the guitar and sang for as long as I can remember. He would normally just play the songs out of his lesson books and sing songs from his choir. Jacob enjoyed music in every way. When my father brought that music back with him, Jacob didn’t just start listening to it; He started playing those songs and singing them, and it changed his life to be who he is today. Jacob started his own band and played every day and night. I would sit at his door with my ear against it just to hear him play. Music made him happy and it turned him from this shy kid, to an outgoing man that is looking to connect with everyone. Jacob’s music is what changed my life and he has always been my role model for me even to this day. Today, Jacob

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