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On September 7th at 7:30pm, I attended the Chamber Music Trio Concert at Williams Hall. The three musicians were the cellist Dr. Martin Gueorguiev, the violinist David Harned Johnson, and the pianist Dr. Joanna Kim. In total, they performed four pieces, two duets and two trios, one of which was an original composition by David Johnson himself. Their pieces included a wide range of styles, from upbeat majors to dark, emotional minors and from standard classical to zesty tangos. Having played the piano since third grade and taken music theory, I felt that I was able to resonate better on an emotional and technical level. Before playing the first piece, David Johnson asked us, the audience, to imagine being in a gothic castle as we listened to the piece called Chaconne by Tomaso Vitali. Following his helpful suggestion, I found this piece even more luring and illustrative in my mind. When the violin first chimed in after the piano’s diminishing eight-chord introduction, I immediately recognized the melody because I played a bit of it back when I was still in middle school orchestra. Personally, I appreciated and enjoyed this piece the most not only because I knew it beforehand, but also because I generally prefer sad, emotional pieces …show more content…

Like in the first piece, the audience was given an introductory synopsis. For this tango, the pianist Joanna Kim described how it made her feel like she is dancing with a secret agent. While listening and watching their performance, I was able to understand what she meant. There was a lot of purposeful dissonance, syncopation, and alternating slurs and accents that gave the piece a hint of mysteriousness. However, as a tango, this piece still had the signature fast tempo and strong rhythm. In addition, during this whole performance, the cellist Dr. Martin Gueorguiev rocked back and forth with the beat as if he was dancing the tango with his

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