Music Depicted In The Novel'shadowshaper '

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I’m a music lover. You will never catch me without my headphones, I’ve always been someone who listens to music not just for the lack of boredom but for the motivation music conveys. Music is important to me because it triggers sensory feedback from strong vibrations that express poetry of emotions from the words an artist provides. In the novel Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older the author captures how artists can convey power through art. The amount of appreciation I share with music would be as equivalent to what the Shadowshaper share with a piece of canvas.
There are many different kinds of music today, but I seem to connect more to those that make me ponder on about life. At times I look to music for guidance when making a decision. . Music can turn on and turn off the brain. It simply allows ourselves to manifest a connection between the song and our emotions. In the novel Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older Robbie is a character that I …show more content…

Robbie and Sierra both enjoy painting murals, which gives them something to relate and connect on a deeper level. When were involved in art We’re always translating experience to canvas or page, music for me conveys my emotion to notes and sounds when I myself have no words to express what i want to say. For me music is the way that I express myself and it moves me in a way that nothing else does. It can be soothing and relaxing, it can cheer someone up or it can reflect the pain and anguish. In chapter 20 Robbie states ”intentionality matters because that’s what the spirit connects to, what attracts them” Robbie captures the beauty in art by connecting Spiritual entities to bring the art to life the stronger the canvas the more power the spirit has in it. Just as a music artist would foster a deeper connection between each listener, when a song has a powerful message the more it attracts listeners and the power it conveys can cause

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