Music Essay On Music And The Power Of Music

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Song Essay The power of music is as strong today as it has ever been before. Throughout history music has been a way for our people to speak out against the government or follow their commands. There is a great irony that a lot of these songs nowadays all tie together to portray the same message, and this is not a coincidence. “Today, hip-hop has taken the lead in protesting police brutality and the injustices suffered by the poor.” Within the selection of songs, the audience can see how the government tries to control us, as well as how there is still much racism going on today. Joey’s song, “Temptations,” explores the issue of racial equality and the struggle of being black in America. Growing up in a poor neighborhood not having your rent on time because your mom works a nine to five job that’s just enough to make a living as a result of how the government has set up the average person to be, “I really came up from the bottom / Strugglin', my momma on her last dollar / Hustling man I've been putting in these hours / The government been trying to take away what's ours” (line 18-21). In this song, Badmon describes how young men are killing one another, and figure that is the way to go about things because of culture but fail to really see what they are doing as well as who they are hurting. He also mentions how people make an example out of killing someone rather than spreading positivity and leaves you with the question of are you willing to make the sacrifice, to make a

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