Music Essay : The Role Of Music In My Life

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"The Role of Music in My Life"
Music influences the lives of people and their mood much more than most can imagine, because it is a fundamental theme and much to be taken into account when it comes to being happy or not. On many occasions, without realizing it, when I feel sad, I unconsciously put on and on again some slow song that speaks of something negative and that sinks me even deeper and for a longer time in my suffering. Music fulfills several functions, helps me to dream, keeps my company, alleviates my worries, rejoices my spirit, allows me to feel part of a broader social group, and liberates me. In other words, it is such a close and significant election. Music is composed of three basic elements: rhythm, melody and harmony. Rhythm is the first element, without which there can be no musical expression and is an indicator of physical life, gives life to music. One example is the negroide show, which is basically manifested as percussions of the drawer that invite a lively and sustained physical movement (Cohen, Bailey & Nilsson, 2002).
The melody for its part is the expressive element of music, what is commonly known as "the music" of the song, what impacts me, what I remember. The presence of this element supposes a greater level of complexity: when I sing only with my voice I am incorporating two elements: the rhythm and the melody (Mark, 2005). The third element is harmony; this requires a level of intellectual development, knowledge of the musical language

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