Music Gets You Through It All

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Mitch Lucker says, “Keep listening to music, it gets you through everything, I promise.” When it comes to studying he’s right. Over the course of the semester I’ve kept a journal of every time I studied or did homework, and what I found was that the most common variable was music. The more I listened the more of my work I could get done and comprehend which helped to improve my grades tremendously. For many complete silence is required to concentrates but Studies such as Effects on Reading Comprehension of Preferred Music and Frequency of Studying to Music reflect that frequently listening to music while studying improves reading comprehension and memorization. The hypothesis that was tested was whether or not how frequently you listened to your choice of music affected how you concentrated and if the music had comprehension benefits as well. The results being that not only did students who listened to music often have improved scores but that the music helped in blocking out the background noises that would have otherwise distracted the student. Throughout my journal my notes further prove the hypothesis, by echoing that frequently listening to music improved my understanding of the material, aided in blocking out the background noises, and improved my grades overall. While reviewing my journal I noticed that I had increased how often I listened to music and how it was a necessity to consciously play the music while I studied. Entries like; “Listening to music is keeping

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