Music In Music : The Language Of Music

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The Language of Music Language is used in many different ways. It is generally used audibly and physically, but people know it through verbal exchange and writing. While it is common to use the language in stories and education, another commonality is through music. Music and songwriting is an art that creates a story by combining words with rhythm and in some cases, musical instruments. With the love for music and singing, my choral director, Michael Ushino, made an impact on my life through the articulation of music. Freshmen year of high school, the beginning of adolescence and responsibility, I chose the elective of choir. The state of California is a fanatical for the performing arts; I had little understanding of the class itself, but I knew enough about the different vocal sections from the previous year at the middle school. The first day of school was hectic, students bustling to and fro in the hallways trying to find their class. The first thing I noticed when walking into the choir room was the risers with black chairs, specifically made for choir students, on each row. My first impression of Mr. Ushino was excitement. He waited for his new all women’s Concert Choir to sit down before he began speaking.
Because Concert Choir is only girls, the small group is divided into three sections; soprano one, soprano two, and alto. The first sopranos have the melody, the second sopranos have the upper harmony, and lastly the altos have the lower harmony. While

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