Original Music Industry Essay

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We usually consider music as the necessity of life because it brings comfortable environment or the resonance of heart. However, with the development of modern computer technology and the industrial regulatory loopholes, the situations mentioned in the article have become a common phenomenon. Although some music fans may get their benefits from the pre-leaked CDs or illegally recorded products, the music smuggling and pirate have made negative impacts on the entire industry. The pirated music creates tort and serious threat toward the development of original music industry, violating the legitimate rights and interests of the original music manufacturers. As a result, the original music industry now is in a state of extreme instability with enormous losses. From the aspect of the property’s essence, music products are not physical but recorded in carriers such as CDs and tapes. That is to say, the content of this digital information is invisible. As a result, to evaluate the intangible assets, music has a fundamental distinction compared with traditional physical commodities. When the music products are sold in the market, they should be regarded as personal belongings with clear property rights. However, practically music also has some characteristics of quasi-public goods, as people can use the public goods without payment. The cost of music reproduction is insignificant, and thus it inherently has no competitiveness. From the aspect of cost, the product cost of

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