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Steve Jones in the article "Music and the Internet" suggests that popular music as well as academic articles relating to popular music were created and distributed by people who didn’t completely understand the idea of the "music industry." He ultimately suggests that today compared to the introduction of popular music, a growing number of consumers are using the Internet to attain music. The internet has drastically changed the distribution systems also creating many ethical problems that weren't found in the music industry before the internet. Because the internet started making a presence in almost every single business, it was almost no question that the internet is bringing about some changes in the music industry; a billion dollar …show more content…

He has made a lot of dynamic presentations to scholarly and business events about the Internet and social change that it gave to music, and about the internet's ethical and the appeal to everyday families. He is also an editor of the New Media & Society, which is a global journal of research on up and coming media, technology. Most of Steve Jones writing is very impactful because he uses so many real life situations that give the reader that much belief in what he is saying. “Music and the internet”, is one of his most famous because it shows our generation the talent that was dominated by the beginning of popular music. The article starts of saying "The fact is, if you want to make a difference in music, you have to change the machine." This undeniably gives justice to what Steve Jones wants to portray with this article. Throughout the article, the words "power over sound" is used to describe what the writers and performers of early popular music believed in. The article goes to say the beginning of popular music was the beginning of a new world, in the 1850’s many of the restaurants had a dance floor usually in the middle of the restaurant. Ironically Blues and Jazz were played by Black Americans who wrote and performed them at such restaurants; Steve Jones was quick to point out the ironic side of having black people

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