Music Is A Universal Medium Essay

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There are certain elements and forms of expression that help to define cultures and time periods. Music is a form of art and expression that ties cultures and humanity together well also allowing each culture to add the own unquietness. We may not realize it but music penetrates almost every aspect of our lives. Music is used in celebrations such as a in a wedding or bar mitzvah music is even used to commemorate someone’s life as they are laid to rest. Music is a universal medium. Everyone and anyone can find meaning and some personal connection music. Music has the ability to elicit powerful emotions or memories. A certain song could remind someone of a very happy time in their life such as being on a beach or at a cookout with friends and family. Music has the ability to elicit powerful emotions in us such as happiness and can transport us mentally back to that moment in time where we were and what was happening to elicit those emotions. Music can bring out negative emotions in us as well. Someone could hear a song that reminds them of their first break-up which may bring about feelings of sadness and cause that person to relive a painful experience. Perhaps one of the most powerful elements music possesses is that it allows us to project in our mind and become something we are not. For example if you hear a rock song that excites you, maybe you imagine yourself as the star quarterback throwing for the game winning touchdown. Maybe if a country song comes on the radio you

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