Music Makes You Mentally Fit

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People cannot deny the fact that there is a very drastic change in our way of life due to the new era of technology. Try to observe your surroundings, you see, technological products or gadgets are very common. They are often used by people to kill boredom or to procrastinate school work and the like. Moreover, almost all gadgets nowadays provide fun and relaxation. One way is through the power of music. A simple tune-in to the high-tech IPods, MP3 players and such gives us the peace of mind that we always wanted. Why is that so? Does Music affect our brains? Does it improve one’s mental fitness? If it does, how? Music is “a combination of sounds that are organized and meaningful, occurring in a prescribed span of time and usually having…show more content…
Only the brain has the power for such. And learning that music can easily make people pay attention, we can say that there is really a connection between the two. Another is that music engages the areas of the brain involved with making predictions. As said earlier, the human brain is responsible in creating predictions and rhythm is the musical element responsible for the brain to predict. Rhythmical beats as it becomes more familiar to us due to the repetition of stimulus will most likely result to the ability of predicting what is next. Thus if we always listens to music, there is a great possibility that our predictions skills will increase (Bunt, 1994). Moreover, areas involved with updating the event in memory is also affected by music. This means that in processing inputs from the senses, brain can quickly classify such information if it’s in a past, present or future. Recently, music has been criticized for corrupting the minds of the youth. This pertains to the different genres that are evolving. According to research, music with faster beat enhances concentration and alert thinking while a slower tempo promotes a calm, meditative state (Burak, 2011). Rap is a genre of music which has a faster beat is ought to increase one’s concentration and thinking. But it is blamed for crimes due to its lyrics. Alternative rock has also a faster beat and blamed because of its satanic messages that result to the many suicides
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