Music On My Car Ride Home

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It was only a few short years ago, after returning from a speaking engagement at a men’s conference in Barrie Ontario, when I began to have a headache. It was only about one hour before I would be home, so I grabbed a bottle of water, just thinking that I was dehydrated and tired from the long day and dismissed the head pain as a temporary discomfort. Listening to music on the radio on my car ride home would be a good distraction for the remainder of the trip. One of my favourite alt-rock bands, The Kings of Leon had just released a new single called Temple. It was a catchy tune so I turned up the volume, and if you are familiar with this musical group at all it usually takes a few listens to begin to navigate the searing vocals and sing along with the lively lyrics. The chorus was immediately infectious and since I was alone in my personal travelling concert hall I bellowed along loudly; “I 'd take one in the temple, I 'd take one for you. I 'd take one in the temple (temple), I 'd take one for you.” Humming my way through the verses and then boom, the chorus kicks in and off I go again; “…take one in the temple...”, and before I could complete the last refrain, it felt like I just took a knife literally into the right side of my head. The music went off. The gas pedal went down. The head ache went from zero to sixty in 1.2 seconds. My mind began to play games with me, fear can do that, pain can do that too, and I began to wonder about the lyrical portend. Was it just a

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