Analysis Of Falling In Reverse By Ronnie Radke

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Musicians often use their music as a way of expressing their emotions and thoughts to others in an entertaining way that is appealing to others. One band that does this is Falling in Reverse, which is led by the lead singer Ronnie Radke. Radke had a difficult childhood being raised by his single father after his mother left. This incident has severely affected him, which is revealed in many songs why he became a drug addict and he is still getting over it today. That occurrence altered the way he looked at society eventually giving him a pessimistic world view. Radke uses his music to talk about how he views society around him, and how he feels like humans have become overly violent and shut off from one another. That theme and overall message of societal hardships and mistakes humans keep making is clearly talked about in his song, “Wait and See.” The song whole-heartedly embraces Radke’s world views as he tries to show his listeners the mess the world has become, and how they have gotten themselves into their predicament. Radke conveys his thoughts through the use of numerous literary devices to create a meaningful and enjoyable song to try and spread his concerns to all. Music is a universal way in which people connect, and it does this through its use of literary devices to make the songs meaningful while still appealing. The song, “Wait and See,” uses literary devices like similes and metaphors to contribute to the theme of society’s mistakes and their impacts on the
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