Music-Personal Narrative

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I always loved to try new things. Especially things to do with music. I was fascinated by how much concentration, skill, and practice it took to play them. That’s probably why I took up the trumpet. It was the right sound at the time for me. But, I wasn’t done there. I had to learn more. Playing every song I know is a minimum. But, ya know, sometimes that just isn’t possible at the moment.

I dreaded walking into Hartland Music that day. The moment I pushed against those double doors I knew I had made a mistake. But, truthfully, it wasn’t my decision to make, I mean, if I truly had a passion for it I could continue on my own. Still feeling down I greeted the employee at the desk and turned to the left and right making my way down the hallway. I sat down on a cushion near my instructor's room still gripping the envelope so roughly my knuckles turned white. And finally, a young man’s head pops out looking left and right most likely looking for me. He beckons me and holds the door still ushering me in. I planned out ahead of time …show more content…

All 76 keys are being moved on my desk. It’s just a shame it’s not 88. I move on to my other keyboard, for my PC. I press the power button and resume Windows. Moving my mouse over I glide to a program called Synthesia. By following various youtube videos I manage to download files that are needed to learn the songs. However, I’m only doing this because I still don’t and haven’t learned in the past to read bass clef required for all piano music. So, I make do with this. But, I have been playing trumpet for band the past two or three years. Pushing my chair away I open my closet and scan the floor looking for my leather trumpet case. Brushing the ground with my hand I feel tough leather. I move hand around it feeling for a handle. Grasping the handle I move the case out of my closet and next to my desk. Opening the case I grab my trumpet lessons book and place it on the stand of my

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