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Nory Solares
Music 8
Brodbeck, D
20 April 2015

Mark Sullivan, “‘More Popular Than Jesus’: The Beatles and the Religious Far Right Author(s),” Popular Music 6/3 (October 1987): 313–26.

John Lennon >Jesus The reading begins with an introduction to what brought on the controversy of the Beatles being greater than Jesus. It is done so by introducing the quote that stared the problem that was said by John Lennon. The reading allow the reader to establish an understanding to how big of an issue was created by just words. it is clear, thought the many things that occurred from teen magazine covers, record burnings, revoked memberships, and stock dips, that John Lennon’s word made a huge impact on how The Beatles were seen. Later we are
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25)" ( Sullivan 315) However, it can be debated through an argument presented in the reading if it is right to say that they Beatles are evil only because a few words. The reading itself gives insight in saying that in all the true evil was rock and roll, and that the Beatles themselves just posed as a great example for Nobel to use for his Anti-rock and roll beliefs. John Lennon provided these individuals with just what they needed ignored to fight again rock and roll. The main argument that is displayed in the reading to me is "Since the Beatles are gods to millions of teenagers today, if drugs are 'in' (or considered 'in') by the Beatles, they will be considered 'in' by the teenagers. For like it or not, whatever the teenagers' gods sanction - the teens have a tendency to sanction." (Sullivan 317) In all connecting that the Beatles can cause for young individuals to do drug and have sex. Can this cause a revolution? Noebel, in the reading, is said to explore the idea that the Beatles (maybe in all rock and roll) can cause a revolution, a social revolution. In which the fact that they can influence the doing of sex and drugs that that itself allows for communist to triumph. in the reading to further the argument that rock and roll in general is the problem we are presented with Bob Larson he in all, from the reading attest, is concerned with the anti-Christian aspect of rock and roll. However still a focus on the Beatles, because it is

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