Music Training Increases the Creativity

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Music has always been a part of people’s lives and still has an appeal today. Music is a balm during the rough times in life. Music is a large part in celebrations in a person’s life. Rock and roll is an important kind of music because it affected everything in our lives. Society’s reaction to music has changed the way people use music in daily life and has changed racial attitudes and freedom of expression. When people are down they tend to listen to upbeat music so they can cheer up. Music and society have always been intimately related. Music is sometimes used to enhance the quality of people’s lives. Music requires attention and coordination of multiple senses. Music sets off different emotions and helps us get along with other people. Also it alerts the part of the brain that makes us feel good. (Sparks) Music has, does, and will play an important part in human lives. The difficulty of learning music helps develop our brains. Studies found that music training increases the creativity part of our brain and helps in making decisions. Research found that starting the education of music in the early years could be more helpful. A researcher, Ms. Yuxin Wang, discovered that there was better development of the brain of children who were taught music in preschool as far as the areas of language and executive function. Ana Pinho, a neuroscientist, said it doesn’t matter what age you were taught at. She said it will also work after a disease or stroke (Sparks). Musicians

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