Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Music is an Art form that has been around since humans were created All around the world music is played in many different forms and styles. As early as the 1950 's, a new style of music was being created in the Untied States, one that forever changed the world. Not only did it bring a completely different sound, but it changed the way people acted, dressed, and even people 's lifestyles. This new style of music became known as Rock and Roll. It drew many from a one-way path to a sea of possibilities musically. Me being a music lover really enjoyed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame site. Rock and Roll have sheltered and comforted me in many times of needs. For as long as I can remember as a kid and throughout my painful adolescence years, and also as an adult, it has inspired me to appreciate the music of all kinds throughout the years.

One memory that music helped me get through was an altercation with my step dad, who was very mean and abusive towards all of us kids growing up, was a song from Aerosmith. I grew up loving Aerosmith but, when the song "Janie 's Got a Gun" was released I would play it over and over as an escape mechanism. My step-Dad sure didn 't like it and the older I got, I think he knew I was fed up and started fighting back which made him leave me alone.

Aerosmith was an inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. They formed the group in 1970 with Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, and Steven Tyler, who then was the drummer.…

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