Music has Accompanied Man through History

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Something that nature discovered way before humans, something that can be generated by anything, something that accompanied the universe with its evolution since the first second. Undoubtedly we are talking about music. As defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, music is “the art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds to produce beauty of form, harmony, melody, rhythm, expressive content, etc.” With the evolution of the universe, music similarly evolved especially after it became more and more developed with the interventions of humans and the impact that technology had left on it. Also, it is worthy to mention the voices that sang music; these amazing voices of legendary and famous singers added a lot to the magnificence of music. Their music was highly enriched by many instruments invented by humans that were used to produce different types of sounds. Through history music was a form of art practiced in the Arab world. With its development from classic to modern, music’s style and accessibility to audience changed, and different generations have opposed opinions towards classic and modern music.
First of all, music in the Arab world witnessed a shift from classic to modern or popular music. In his article “Arabic Music and Its Development,” Suleman Taufiq explains that classic music consists of a melody usually sung by a solo voice, which may also be accompanied by a choir. Moreover, the melody is always soft and the rhythm is, most of the time, slow due to

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