Essay on Music in the Sixties

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Music in the Sixties

My topic is Music in the Sixties. In my essay I would like to determine that events that occurred during the 1960’s had a significant effect on some of the music that was produced. I believe that certain music and musical events derived from peoples feelings and views on things that occurred during the 60’s. Some of these events include the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, politics, and society as a whole. There were many different stereotypes and prejudices. There was war going on, and there were many people who were trying to focus on peace. My main goal is to show how these events may have influenced people’s music, and also to emphasize how music was used to unify people despite all of the negativity that …show more content…

Woodstock was a huge music and art fair that lasted 3 days in the summer of 1969. The site tells who sponsored Woodstock, what different people’s opinions were on the purpose of the festival, and what occurred over the course of the planning and duration of the concert. The promoters wanted to link the theme of the concert to the anti-war sentiment. Many people who were involved were stereotyped as drug users or left -wing politicians because of their appearances. These events, although intended to send a message of peace, also caused a great deal of conflict.

In addition to this information we are given the names of the performers who participated in the concert. This site also has information of other events that took place during the 60’s, such as The Monterey International Pop Festival, which took place in order to show that pop music should be accepted as a serious art form, as jazz was. This event first took place in the summer of 1967. This site also includes additional links, but these are the ones that I felt were useful.

The second source that I used is titled Colored Reflections <>. This site has information on the 1950’s through the 1990’s. In the 1960’s section, it starts off by telling us that the 60’s was considered the "New Frontier since we had a young president, John f. Kennedy, in office. It says that he was "…the inspiration for this new decade". (par.1) This

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