Musical Talent : By Joanne Haroutounian Joins

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In a few cases, musical talent is easily recognized when a musician, possibly a young beginner or dedicated artist with years of training, is able to send shivers up your spine through his or her musical performance. However, the process of identifying musical talent does not readily conform to the typical gifted and talented identification practices already in place in most school districts. It does not fit comfortably into a calculable measurement such as an IQ or achievement test score. The debate as to what it means to be musically talented has been going on for centuries. With new research and findings about the musical mind, the conversation continues today. JoAnne Haroutounian joins the conversation with her book Kindling the Spark: Recognizing and Developing Musical Talent. In her book, she attempts to broaden the reader’s understanding of different musical abilities and capacities by exploring different perspectives of musical talent. Haroutounian presents her recommendations for musical talent identification, in which she also summarizes the criteria that characterize musical talent and provides steps for discovering potential as well as demonstrated talent in a wide variety of school settings. In the last section of the book, she covers the stages of musical development and stresses the need for specialized instruction and guidance for talented musicians. In the first section of her book, Haroutounian explores talent as music aptitude. Music aptitude is the

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