Muslim Prejudice in Modern Youth Society Essay

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Ever since the attacks on the Twin Towers, Islamic prejudice has been on the rise. A study by the Associated Press reveals that Islamic prejudice is more common now than in the 1980’s or 1990’s. The same study also shows that roughly 700 Arab related hate crimes had been executed in the weeks after 9/11. The acts of the 9/11 attacks entirely changed the outlook non-Islamic Americans have about Islamic Americans, foreign Muslims, and any Arabs of the kind. The American government needs to extinguish the prejudice because if the US citizens of America nullify each other over a mosque than there is no way we could ever defeat a greater calamity.

The terrorist organization responsible for the World Trade Center attacks was the Taliban. …show more content…

Most would ask why these terrorists would channel their hatred toward attacking the United States, even though the US was not their only enemy. There are many answers to this question, although no one can really be sure what thoughts run their course through a mad man’s brain, the simplest of these is just a religious dispute and the most radical being Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s (president of Iran) belief that it was a conspiracy completely made up by the United States government. Either way, “Osama Bin Ladin himself claims that Al Qaeda was solely responsible for 9/11” (Bergen). Which begs a question, does the motive matter as much as the effect? According to Peter Bergen, “Al Qaeda inflicted more damage on the US, than the Soviet Union had done throughout the entire Cold War”(Bergen). The main effect of the entire attack though on the “commoners” of America, was the prejudice average, middle class citizens developed toward Muslims.

Immediately following the devastation of 9/11, we began sending more and more troops into the Middle East. Under the Bush administration, the amount of soldiers sent over seas was dramatically accumulated over the preceding years, so much so, that it is still a major issue discussed and analyzed during presidential debates in 2011. Like I said previously, the Muslim hate crimes rapidly increased. Because of this massive shift in aggression, the Islamic religion was greatly effected and harassed.

All of this tragedy led up

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