Muslim Sufi Poet Jalaluddin Rigi : The Imagination Of South Asia

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Imagination of South Asia
Many of us would have heard the famous story written by Muslim Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi about the conceptualization of an elephant’s anatomy by touching it by the blind men. Each of the blind men were to describe the respective part of the elephants’ body where their hands have touched. To one blind man the elephant looked like a pillar, to one it was a throne and other did have their say on their experience. But no was actually able to describe it as an animal as whole. This piecemeal approach is what through which South Asia has been conceptualized by various academia and organizations. A common census about the whole connotations of regional, cultural, political, and geographical has not been achieved yet. This illustration clearly portrays an image of south Asia being one of the least integrated regions of polarised world. This paper is an attempt to understand the Geo-political, historical, and cultural imagination of South Asia as seen from the author’s perspective. South Asia is home to a significant percentage of world population. One of its constituents, India is home to about 1.23 billion people and ranks second in terms of world population. The surrounding nations such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. have a high density of persons residing per square kilometre. Only the smaller in size countries have a small proportion of population such as Bhutan,

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