Essay about Mussolini And Fascism

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     Fascism is the philosophy that exercises a dictatorship through the use of violence. There are two main areas fascism deals with. An elitist approach that makes the peoples' will on a select group with a supreme leader who governs all. The other approach is the populist approach in which the government wishes to have all its people act out against the government's oppressors. (Baradat) Fascism came from the word fasces, a bundle of sticks that were bound to an ax, which was supposed to represent "civic unity and the authority of the Roman officials to punish wrongdoers," ( There were three main philosophers who helped to shape the fascist theory, George Sorel, Friedrich…show more content…
There seemed to be a large change in politics and socialism that were brought about by the declining social, economic, and political conditions of the country. (Baradat) Benito Mussolini was at the time the answer to these problems with his fascist views. He had started out as a Marxist following his father but turned his sights on fascism around 1914. ( Mussolini was born in Predappio, Romagna July 29th 1883. In 1901 he became a schoolmaster but was unable to find a permanent job. He was also arrested for vagrancy and returned to Italy were he did his military service. ( There he was promoted to sergeant but unfortunately was injured during grenade drills and returned to his position as editor of the newspaper "Avanti" in 1917. (Baradat) As editor he gained valuable experience in propaganda which became very helpful in later days. ( In 1919 Mussolini along with several veterans founded the Fasci de Combattimento, meaning combat group. This movement appealed to many of the lower middle class and it to took its name from the fasces. In 1922 Mussolini led his grand march on Rome where he then seised power of Italy from a willing king. At first Mussolini ruled over Italy constitutionally but by 1924 he changed his tune and established a totalitarian regime. (Baradat) Mussolini had no real
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