Mutual Fund and Fund Answer A.

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Question 1 1. Which type of health insurance pays part of all of the surgeon 's fee for an operation Answer a. surgical expense b. hospital expenses c. physician 's expense d. major medical expense 3 points Question 2 1. Health insurance typically includes Answer a. deductibles b. out-of-pocket limits c. co-payments d. all of the above 3 points Question 3 1. Driver classification includes information on a person 's and is used to set auto insurance rates Answer a. type of automobile b. place of residence c. credit rating d. driving habits 3 points Question 4 1. Which of the following are important provisions to your life insurace contract…show more content…
insurance index d. cash value index 3 points Question 20 1. Which type of will has been gaining polpularity due to the increased exemption? Answer a. simple b. traditional marital share c. exemption trust d. stated dollar amount 3 points Question 21 1. Which source of investment information provides the most current data Answer a. newspapers b. corporate reports c. business periodicals d. Moody 's Investment Reports 3 points Question 22 1. Which of the following investments would have the greatest potential for safety Answer a. government bonds b. stocks c. commodities d. options 3 points Question 23 1. Which of the following investments would have the greatest potential for risk Answer a. preferred stock b. corporate bonds c. options d. bank accounts 3 points Question 24 1. When stocks are being traded between investors, they are traded in what market Answer a. investment banking b. primary c. secondary d. efficient 3 points Question 25 1. Trusts can be Answer a. callable or noncallable b. revocable or irrevocable c. cumulative or noncumulative d. participative or nonparticipative 3 points Question 26 1. The first step in retrirement planning is to Answer a. estimate your spending needs b. estimate the inflation rate c. evaluate your planned retirement income d. analyze your current

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