Mvp by Clare Mishica

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Jealousy is the key factor that pushes us to do better or it can overpower our thinking abilities because we want to be the best, so we don’t think about how it can affect the people around us. This is exactly what happens in the story, “MVP,” by Clare Mishica. Derek wants to be the most valuable player on his basketball team instead of Cole so much that he forgets to be a team player. When Cole gets hurt, Derek realizes how much more important the trophy and being a part of the team is than getting MVP. Teamwork is always more efficient than trying to achieve something individually because a person can do very little alone, but together we can accomplish a lot. The saying, “Two heads are better than one,” goes along with this perfectly. …show more content…

People tend to want something so much with reckless abandon that when they receive it, they find out it doesn’t hold the same value anymore and has lost its appeal. Throughout the game even when he was hurt, Cole was only thinking about how he could help his team win and he didn’t care one bit about how popular he was or how close he was to getting MVP. He is the perfect example of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Teamwork is the answer to accomplishing a task because it doesn’t matter

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