My Adoptive Family : A Personal Narrative Family

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After seemingly surviving childhood and adolescence, I have reached midlife, and it did not come without many turbulent times, it has however become more manageable and somewhat peaceful. As an adult, there has still been traumatic events that have happened but after all I endured in my younger years I have found better ways to cope, and I have had to practice, patience, tolerance and forgiveness probably more than most. Due to childhood traumas, I do still keep a so called wall around myself; it is there by choice mainly as self-preservation than anything. My adoptive dad passed in the late 80’s, my adoptive mom is in her later years of life and I have become her caregiver, my husband and I live with her and while it has been difficult at times she has memory issues among other health issues that goes along with those her age it has given us the chance to deal with some past issues and we get along great. But in 2011, my life was turned completely upside down again but this time in a good way. Knowing from a young age that I was adopted, I knew my birth mothers name and looked for her on/off through the years, but during winter break from school in Dec 2011, I was bored and typed her name into Facebook, and there she was. I contacted her on there mainly at this point looking for medical information, instead I now have this huge family that I never knew and it has been a never ending rollercoaster ride that I am still on to this day, it is one of those stories that best

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