Personal Narrative: Adoption

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I remember the day like it was yesterday. I just had got off the bus and I looked at my phone I saw I had 20 text and 8 missed call. I was wondering why I had so many text and calls before I could even look at them. My dad was calling, so I answered and he said “what was you thinking you just ruined your life you will never have nothing and I’m done trying to help you I will not do nothing else for you”. Then, I asked him “what are you talking about”. Then he said “you got Cheyanne pregnant” and then he hung up he later called and apologized. He said, he just didn’t want me to do like he did when he had me at the age of 17 and dropped out of school but that everything would be all right. Then from that day on I promised him I would get a job and finish school and help take care of my blossoming daughter. That I would prove everyone who thought I couldn’t wrong. I had a kid at a young age and many people said I would be a failure in life and would not be able to take care of my child and thought I should put her up for adoption. For me that was not an option, so I took it as a challenge to show everyone, that I could finish school, help take care of my child, and work …show more content…

Before I had a child I was not worried as much about school, made worse grades, and did childish things. So even if I could go back and change anything I wouldn’t for me having a child was the best thing that has happened to me. I am proud of the decision I made even though it helped me, some people it may not change in the way it did me. So to all the other teen parents that are, put down and talked about you can accomplish ever challenge thrown at you as long as you try, and don’t give

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