My Ancestry Research Paper

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Due to my passion for travel and my ancestry I’ve based my Research Project around this topic. The project will focus particularly on furthering my knowledge on my ancestry; significant countries in relation to my family, and how to plan a holiday. This topic is momentous to me as I’ll be accessing new information, enhancing my knowledge on the culture and understanding the lifestyle my grandparent’s endured. Which by travelling and meeting new people will hopefully gain me a deeper appreciation of life by viewing what other cultures live like and tie in my ancestry and the new culture together. On this trip I’ll be visiting Germany, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. These countries are relevant to my ancestry by locating sources which depicted my family up to my great, great; great grandparents lived in these countries. The cities/villages which will be a primary location for this trip is Mitrovica (Croatia), Novi Sad (Serbia), Budapest (Hungary) and in Germany Berlin. To travel to and from countries I’ll be using a hire car and air travelling.
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This accommodation is beneficial for the financial and experience aspect of the trip. However when booking a hotel it’s essential to go with the hotel with the best reviews and what you find desirable, I’ve also chosen the hotels online so I could access all the information needed to find a suitable accommodation (Trip Advisor, 2013).Europe is very accessible to public transport and taxis, however for this trip I’d like to rely on a hire car and aeroplanes, it’s more accessible and would become cheaper to travel to attractions, small towns and other site seeing. Hire cars are more suitable as you get to choose the type of car which is familiar and comfortable to drive in, it can also become a cheaper alternative as taxi drivers may become expensive to always travel

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