btec 3 long haul Task 3 Factors assignment P3 M1 D1

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Kayleigh Marsh Date: Tuesday 3rd March 2015 Submission Date: Wednesday 11th March 2015 Unit 8: Long Haul Destinations Task 3: Explore the factors affecting long haul destinations P3&M115% still in November.ase .er numbers in the future as security tightens further to keep up with the constant threat of att Many things will affect people’s decision to travel, the destinations they choose and for how long they stay. Different destinations are affected by different factors, here we will explore these factors and the destinations they effect. Time Zones & Length of flight All journey times are given in local time which incorporates any addition or subtraction for GMT. This can cause confusion when working out journey times. There is also…show more content…
The chief executive of British Airways announced in 2012 that the complicated process for Chinese nationals was deterring them from visiting the UK and as a result, the British economy was suffering with 149,000 Chinese nationals visiting the UK in 2012 compared to the 1.1 million that visited the Schengen area. The Chinese visa process was simplified in 3 ways. The first, Chinese travel agents can now send the UK application as part of the Schengen visa application instead of two separate forms, to reduce duplication as many people travelling from china will not travel solely to the UK. The next, a 24 hour superior priority service and finally a mobile visa service cutting the entire process time to less than 5 minutes. This has already made a significant difference in the number of Chinese tourists arriving in the Uk with figures for the first half of 2015 up 4% on the same period of the previous year. Although this example is based around a relatively specific group of people, it demonstrates how the visa application process can heavily effect tourist habits to a destination. Another common entry requirement in certain parts of the world its of the world are vaccinations. To some people, vaccinations are simply a necessary evil in the process of travelling abroad and one which a lot of people are happy to accept as part of their journey if it means
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