My Aspirations In My Life

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While I sit here, looking down at this shiny black keyboard full of letters, numbers, and punctuations, I can’t help but think how can I possibly fit my aspirations, my life on this Microsoft Word document. I guess I’ll start out by saying that I’m a dreamer. All of my life has been a crumpled up mess of obstacles, but I have always been able to overcome them and depend on how I control my future. That’s what keeps me going without being a dreamer I have no idea who or where I could be.
People say that everyone has a fair and equal opportunity at life no matter where you come from, you choose to fail or to succeed, but what if you’re born into failure? I’m the youngest out of six, and I’ve seen every single one of my siblings fail, whether it was drug use, teen pregnancy or lack of motivation, I will be the first one in my family to graduate on time, and attend college. Coming from an impoverished family you learn to be resourceful, and not take things for granted. When I was 5 years old I didn’t quite understand the concept of money and where it came from, I just knew that it lived in my dad’s brown leathered wallet and it could get you candy. I remember grabbing a green crinkled up paper that had a sad looking man on it with my small hands. I thought if I buried it, it would sprout a tree of sad looking men to buy candy with, however I was wrong and my dad fought with my mom for stealing the last of his gas for the week. Being poor never stopped me from dreaming, and

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