My Autobiography Of My Life

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My life started like a roller coaster! I’m a triplet and I was born on April 26, 2003. Me and my brothers Zac and Lukas were born three months premature. When my dad held us for the first time he said we were the size of his hand. We were in the Nicu for two months trying to grab onto life.Each one of us each weighed an little over 2 pounds.Two years later, my sister Sophia was born, she weighed a 2 pounds. She was born almost three months premature and had to stay into the Nicu for three months. My dad was in the air force so he and my mom moved around a lot.That’s why we were born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My dad was born in Newark,Ohio and my mom was born in a small country called Lithuania in Europe. Because of this we travel frequently to Lithuania to visit family. Our first trip was when we were three and my sister one.Sadly because of this we only get to see them one to three years. We would go on three airplanes all adding up to 12 hours of flying. My dad got assigned to Dayton,Ohio when we were three. We moved into a very nice neighborhood and lived at the end of a cul de sac where we would learn to play basketball, ride bikes, and rollerblading. Me and my brothers were inseparable. Soon we got our very first dog named Boo Boo. She has been my very best friend since day one and I love her to death. Around age four we started kindergarten at a Montessori school where we stuck together like glue. I even would wait right next to the door when they went to the

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