My Behavior Influences My Assumptions Based On My Experiences

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My socialization influences my assumptions based on my experiences. I have noticed that when people call in sick often and don’t take responsibility for their actions it tends to lead to disciplinary actions. I work in an environment where sick time is abused often, so it has shaped my ability to assume when people are abusing it or actually need it. For instance, a specific co-worker was fired recently due to using numerous sick days and being habitually late. She had every excuse in the book why she was late. Even after she was verbally talked to, she still continued to abuse the sick time. This particular co-worker was an older woman and had a substance abuse problem. Her drinking problem eventually cost her the job. Another example is a friend I had in high school. She did not take responsibility for her actions either. She was never wrong and had a hard time keeping a job. She also had a substance abuse problem. I noticed that she had similar qualities with the case study. My friend from high school has probably shaped my opinion as well. Ambiguous words that I noticed were excessive, absenteeism, and several. All these words could be interpreted differently, depending on company policy. Excessive is defined as, “going beyond the usual, necessary, or proper limit or degree; characterized by excess” (Excessive, Dictionary, 2015). Absenteeism is defined as, “frequent or habitual absence from work, school, etc.” (Absenteeism, Dictionary, 2015). Several is described as,
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