My Best Friend Essay

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Have you ever thought about who your best friends really are? The world contains many people that you may talk to, but which ones hold that special place in your heart? Which ones hold the key to your friendship? During my middle school years I spent every free night alongside my friends. I always appeared busy. Lately, I started to discover something that felt strange. Those nights filled with endless laughs and good times slowly faded away. I went home every day after practice and spent every night sitting in silence. It dawned on me that I have not spent any time with my friends in what seemed like forever. A calm and chilly fall night at my house turned into a panic attack. As I watched television that night with my family I observed all of the thoughts that ran through my mind. To me the beginning of high school just reminded me that everything fails to last forever and some things will cease to look the same and the beginning of that change began now.
The thoughts continued to roll through my mind and I felt lonely. My friends slowly slipped further and further away from me made it very hard to get my mind off the topic. My heart raced rapidly over the thought of not spending every possible moment with my friends. Every now and then I meet my friends at volleyball or basketball or I surprisingly bump into them at the mall. I struggled with the fact that it might be the only place that I would see them besides school. I tried to get my thoughts off this topic, but it

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