If Not For Them

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If not for them….where would we be? This is a broad question that could be answered a different way to any person. When I first read through the requirements for this essay, I perceived it as referring to veterans, because Hays C. Kirby was a veteran. The more I contemplated it, the more the question puzzled me because there were so many ways that a person could move forward with it. Finally, I came to the conclusion that to me, the “them” that the question asks about, is not one group of people, but every person that has graced this earth. If even one person had not lived, our lives would be changed substantially. Every person has impacted you, me, and everyone around us. As I thought about this even more, I realized just how true that this is in life. Every person has a role that they have played that has impacted the people surrounding them. If not for them….Where would we be? Where would I be? Where would you be?
If not for our family, where would we be? Our families are the people that love us from the moment we are born and for all eternity. It doesn’t matter if your family is biological, adopted, or a neighbor, they love you for who you are, and only wish for you to be a better person. Without our families, we would be lonely. A family is a person’s first example of love and compassion. From our families, we learn how to love others and how to care for them in order to make them feel loved. There are, at most, two people in the world that love you enough to be your…
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