My Best Friend

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The Week That I Lost My Best Friend
It was a Monday afternoon that would start the worst week of my life. Losing someone is tough, but losing someone who has been your best friend ever since you met him which you’ve been with for around 9 years is seriously tough. This happened a around 4 years ago in December. It happened a few days before Christmas. What a Christmas present. This would be the first Christmas without my best friend. It’s hard losing someone that is always right there with you.
This week is the week when I lost favorite dog, his name was Indy. He would always sleep in my room. He wasn’t like a normal dog he would actually sleep with you. He would come under the covers and fall asleep. He loved going under the bed. You would fall asleep to him on the bed and the next morning he would under the bed. He was my favorite thing as a kid and still is now. He was my best friend, he would greet me everyday when I got home from school. Even though we have a new dog named Riley, I will still cherish the moments that I had with him as a kid. But these moments are the things that will stay with you forever, they will never go away. They will always be with you. People often say that the loved ones that are not with us anymore will always be with you, they will be with you in your heart. I believe this because if you truly loved spending time with that person, then all that love is with you forever.
As I was getting off the bus, I started to run as
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