My Best Friend

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The day I meet my best friend was when I was fifteen, and I met him while visiting my uncle. Even though I had seen him in school, I had never talked to him. Surprisingly after we started talking, it only took us three months to start dating. After two years, we are now engaged. This wonderful man has shown me that getting abused is not what every man does, and that you can’t show love that way. In addition, he has also helped me graduate high school by being there for me and pushing me to do better. With him I have learned that when someone truly loves you they will want you to do the best in life.
My best friend has shown me that getting abused is not what every man does to their family and wife. For instance, when my mother is sad and …show more content…

My family tells me every time I see them that I have changed for the better since we have started being friends and dating. I’ve learned that believing in myself and accomplishing my goals makes me easier to talk to; some say that if you have no faith in yourself you are shy unlike when you believe in yourself. Since being with him I’ve learned a lot, but the one thing I will always remember is that I can accomplish anything.
When I look back upon that day, I think about how nervous I was to talk to him. When you think about the day you meet your best friend, what comes to your mind? He has affected my life in many ways, but the one way that sticks with me the most is when he showed me that getting abused is not what men are supposed to do. It’s not true love, and you can’t show love that way it is hate. He has also affected my life by helping me graduate high school. He has truly affected my life if I can do just a third of what he’s done for me I still wouldn’t be able to repay him. Has anyone ever made you feel like your worth a hundred dollars because that’s what true friendship and love is. The one thing that he has taught me to do every day is to always believe in myself and to always love yourself. I truly wish I could affect his life like he has mine. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for him pushing me to do my best at everything. I am truly grateful that he has

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