Sydney Rott

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Today I am talking about how my best friend and I met. My best friend’s name is Sydney Rott. The story of how we met is a cliché but I am going to explain it anyway. We didn't know each other up until my Sophomore year and her Junior year. I decided I wanted to go out for the tennis team, even though I have never really played before, I still decided to join. Sydney was the number one player for the Harrisburg Tennis Team. I thought that she was a brat when I first met her, but as time went on I started to like her. One day, when we were running because we got in trouble, she challenged me to a game. Of course I said yes. When we were playing, there was hardly any long points. She served. Then I served. So on and so forth. After that, we started to talking and becoming better friends, but we didn't become best friends till the following year. She and I were doubles partners for a while, then we got switched. Now we are the best of friends. Until she decided to ruin everything for me. One day when were were sitting at lunch, I made the decision to insult her. Usually she isn't the person to hold grudges but I guess this time she did. She never told me that it made her feel terrible or anything so I never went back and apologized for it, but now I'm wishing she did. I got an amazing scholarship…show more content…
I decided that I was going to poison her, non-fatally of course, before a job interview she had to go to. So the day before her interview, I asked if she wanted to play me in tennis again. She said yes. When we got to the courts, I quickly put the poison in her drink and just played knowing that she was going to feel the pain that I felt the day I got my scholarship taken away. She drank the whole bottle of water, which was what I was hoping she was going to do. The next day, she had her interview and she completely threw up all over the interviewer. As you must now know, she didn't get the
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