My Big Brother

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Maxfield Reinhardt was inspiring, creative, caring, unique, kind, and most importantly served as a big brother to me. On August 17, 2016, he left the world, or as his parents like to say “unfurled his butterfly wings”. I never faced the loss of someone truly important to me, and even though coping in the beginning was difficult I learned many things and also grew as a person in the end. From grieving Max’s loss, to meeting the people that meant most to him from his life, and also learning from them, losing a friend to suicide taught me how to deal with emotions in a healthy way, how to get out of my comfort zone, and most importantly to cherish whatever time spent with someone you care about. After hearing Max committed suicide I couldn’t figure out how to handle my emotions or talk about my feelings. While driving home from school one day during my sophomore year, my Mom suddenly said these words, “Max committed suicide last night”. Hearing this I thought it was totally out of the blue and surprising, and a huge rush of guilt ran over me because I hadn’t seen him since I was younger. Suddenly, our memories together spilled into my mind all at once. Max and I were introduced as children, but he always was older than me, because of this and the fact that I was an only child he basically served as my big brother all throughout our childhood. I remembered trips our families had gone on to Florida together, when Max would babysit me, and when would also just hang out and
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