My Birthday - Original Writing

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It was a beautiful Sunday morning on August 12. I woke up early on that day because it was my birthday. I was feeling so good that day and I was praying that the feelings stay with me forever. I have always being treated like a princess in my house but that day everyone was treating me with more respects and love. I got so many calls and gifts from my friends and relatives in the morning. My day was going great so far until I received a call at around eight in the morning. I saw the number and I knew it was my aunt Bella calling from London, United Kingdom. Aunt Bella is my dad’s sister. She and her family live in London and my dad’s side family also lives in London. But because of me and my brother my mom and dad came back to India…show more content…
I, your dad and your brother are also going with you.” My dad’s side family is in London and there were two reasons why aunt Bella was calling us London. The first reason was my studies and second was that my grandmother and grandfather want us to be there with them because they wanted to live with us, which was nothing bad in it but I was not ready to leave India. When my mom said about going to London, I was shocked and for the whole minute I said nothing and stood there like a statue. “Complete this school year in India and next year you are going London with us.” “I am not going anywhere,” I said in an angry tone. “Why not?” “Because I want to complete my high school in India. I will go there for my college.” “You can do your high school in London too.” “No, I am not going to London and that 's my final decision.” My mom wanted me to go to London anyhow. She was very stubborn and so do I. My mom decided to not say anything to me on that day because she didn 't want to ruin my day because it was my birthday. So, she kept quiet for the rest of the day.

The next day my mom talked to my dad about the conversation that she and aunt Bella had at other days. My brother got ready for going and so do my parents, but I was the only one who didn 't want to leave India in any case. So, my
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