My Caliber War On Various Internet Forums And On Social Media

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With the recent announcement by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that they will be going back to the 9mm cartridge, there has been a rekindling of the age old caliber war on various internet forums and on social media sites such as FaceBook. It so happens that this new round of my caliber is better than your caliber comes at a time when I am making preparations to attend the 2015 Realistic Advanced Combatives Seminar hosted by Cabelas in Dundee, Michigan and taught by Dave Spaulding and Sgt. Charles E. Humes. I attended the RACS training conference for the first time in March of 2014 and handgun stopping power was a subject that was discussed quite heavily at that conference. In order to discuss the effectiveness of any particular…show more content…
The result of these heavy projectiles fired at such great velocity create not only a hole in the target, but in targets such as the human body create a wide area around the wound itself known as a temporary wound channel. This temporary wound channel is caused by hydrostatic shock. Hydrostatic shock can produce incapacitating effects much more quickly than blood loss alone. A shotgun firing buckshot, fires multiple projectiles that impact the body all at once and cause a shock overload to the system. This shock overload is very effective at incapacitating a human being. A shotgun firing slugs that are huge chunks of lead and so heavy they are weighted in ounces rather than grains has the double effect of a massive wound channel coupled a with shock overload. In contrast, bullets fired from a handgun must actually come into contact with the adversary 's tissue or organs in order to disrupt them. This means that in order for bullets fired from a handgun to physically incapacitate the target we must hit something important, such as the spinal column, heart, brain or major blood vessels. In essence, we must be more accurate with a pistol then with a rifle and that is a mighty tall order. So, why do we carry the pistol? The answer is, we carry a handgun simply because it is portable not because it is super duper dealer of damage and death. Common sense would tell us that a bigger bullet is a better bullet. But, bigger bullets have greater felt recoil and since most
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