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Growing up, it always scared me not knowing what I could picture myself doing as a career. I thought that by the time I was in college, I would have it figured out, as it turns out I am still not a hundred percent sure on a major, but I do have a major that really interests me which is psychology. My absolute goal while I am in college is to be able to say that I am completely happy with my major a psychology major. I want to be able to say that I did the very best that I could and graduate with a 3.5 GPA. When I think about a career that I would enjoy doing is being a therapist of some sort because I want to be able to help people get through tough times in their lives that they may need help with. In Lindsey M. Young’s article, it…show more content…
When I looked up good careers on O-Net that were associated with graduating with a psychology major, one that popped up that caught my interest the most was a clinical psychologist. For this major on top of knowing and having an understanding of psychology I also have to have a knowledge of customer and personal service, law and government, understanding the English language and I have to understand counseling. All of these are important to have because if I don’t have them, then I am not completely ready to help people the way that I should be able to. The one that I feel is most important to know is the law and government understanding. If I do not know all the wrongs and rights then I can really mess up and potentially get in trouble. The skills that I will have to have will be active listening, social perceptiveness, I have to be able to have complex solving skills and be able to critically think. I think that I already am an active listener so that one fits really well with me. For me to be able to be successful in this career I will have to go all four years and then go to grad school to be able to get a better understanding. I will have to be able keep my grades up because if I don’t then I will not be able to get into grad school which will break my entire career choice. This career can have a negative impact on me because I know some people when they do major in this field do have a

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