My Career Goals May Become A Physical Therapist

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My career goals may seem very farfetched but to me are still attainable. Eventually I would like to be in sports medicine. I would like to finish all my required degree programs in a timely manner and complete a residency. I want as much hands-on training as possible and have great mentors to help me along the way. Once I have completed all the requirements I would like to have a small private practice to be able to give all my patients the time and assurance needed. I want to be very personable and know my patients one on one. Once I have a practice established I feel that I can continue my education to a specialty in sports medicine. From being in the US Army I would like to be able to work with soldiers and athletes alike. As a soldier, …show more content…

From firsthand knowledge as a patient for many months’ patient education is the most important tool. I did not know what would worsen or improve my pain or injury until I had a well-developed treatment plan. A physical therapist can work in almost any environment or setting from elderly patients to sports medicine. Education requirements for a physical therapist are very specific and extensive. I have just started the first requirement which is a bachelor degree required for admissions to a DPT. You can attend some schools that offer a combined undergrad/doctoral degree program. The undergrad/doctoral degree program prerequisites are high and not the right steps for me to take. I do look forward to the volunteering and clinical experience that are required. I take full hands on approach all things in my life and learn better that way. All physical therapists must be licensed in the state that they plan to practice. They must pass the National Physical Therapy examination which is administered by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy. Some physical therapists wish to complete residency programs; which includes up to 1,500 hours of clinical physical therapy in 9-36 months. This will allow me to diagnose, patients under close supervision. My three highest interests from the activity were investigative, social, and conventional. Being investigative will greatly help me in my career. A

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