My Career In Nursing

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During my long journey in nursing school, I realized that the idea I had of the nursing career and the reality of it are two different things. Before starting in this path the only knowledge that I had about the medical field was of caring and helping some sick family members. Eventually, those experiences awoke a feeling in me to help those in need. Later on, that feeling turned into a calling, and that was what influenced me to pursue a career in nursing. Nursing is the nation’s largest health care profession. At all times more nurses are needed to meet the growing demand for nursing care. But in order to be a nurse you cannot enter into this profession with a money sign on your head. People are not machines. What guide my practice are my personal philosophies, which are centered on my strengths beliefs and personal values.
Personally, I think that to be in this field of work you need patience and critical thinking. Nurses need to be caring, and we need to be prepared to handle any type of situation. In the health care field is important to use a hands on approach. Nurses are not machines we are human beings. It is important to treat our patients as human beings too, with a caring touch and respect (Cable, 2009). Nurses act as patient advocates we are their voice, we need to be sure to meet all our client needs within our scope of practice. As nurses we need to put our cultural values aside and use ethical values, we cannot be judges or juries. I am going to use my

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